NewsLocalRottweler owner found not guilty for Milkova’s death

Rottweler owner found not guilty for Milkova’s death

The Supreme Court decided that the owner of a Rottweiler dog, which according to the Public Prosecutor caused the death of 46-year-old Petrouna Milkova on 22 February 2018, is not guilty.

Milkova died of injuries believed to have been caused by two dogs belonging to the defendant. The injuries were initially attributed to an agricultural accident. But later post-mortems determined that she had died from dog bites.

During the trial at the Criminal Court, the defendant was found not guilty due to doubts about the real facts. The Prosecution filed an appeal against the verdict but the Supreme Court upheld the judgement delivered at first instance, since it was not proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the dog of the defendant was the one that caused Milkova’s death.

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