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Rising costs don’t put brake on super luxury cars cruising Cyprus’ streets

Many super luxury cars are cruising the streets of Cyprus despite a constantly rising cost of living, according to latest data released by the Mediterranean island’s Statistical Service.

Philenews reports that as many as four Rolls Royce registrations took place within the first two months of  2023.

As for Maseratis, a total of 14 registrations were recorded so far this year, of which 12 were brand new and two are used and petrol-powered. Of the new ones, eight are petrol vehicles and four are hybrids.

Additionally, the luxury car registrations in 2023 also include nine Bentleys of which five are brand new and four are used. In the brand new ones, four are petrol powered and one is a hybrid model while in the used ones one is a petrol and three are hybrids.

Ferrari registrations over the first two months of 2023 totaled four – one new and three used ones. There are also three Tesla cars in this year’s registrations – all used models and in the electric model category.

There are also two Lamborghinis – used ones, gasoline powered. As for Porsche registrations, these totalled 88 in the two-month period of which 65 were new and 23 used ones. Of the new ones, 39 are petrol cars, 13 are electric and another 13 are hybrid ones.

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