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Rightwing party Disy members vote for top positions

Following the election of a new leader two months ago rightwing party Disy members on Saturday are casting a vote for the top positions.

House Speaker and Disy new party leader Annita Demetriou has already cast her vote for the three vice-presidents, the deputy leader, and members of the central committee.

She has called on all party members to cast their vote stressing that the results will help to let the party continue uninterruptedly on its course.

Disy was the ruling party up until last February’s presidential elections which saw Nikos Christodoulides who was affiliated with the party but ran as an independent causing the defeat of then Disy leader Averof Neofytou. As well as the division of the party which is now in opposition.

Demetriou also said the elections on Saturday are an indicator of the democratic processes followed by Disy.

And she sent the message that Disy remains strong, united, and decisive on its next steps.

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