NewsLocalRich in history Cyprus to promote cultural and religious tourism

Rich in history Cyprus to promote cultural and religious tourism

Cyprus aims to promote cultural and religious tourism in a bid to disengage itself from the seasonal flooding of visitors whose main attraction is the Mediterranean island’s sun and the sea.

In fact, the Deputy Ministry of Tourism is focusing on this alternative form of tourism, Philenews reported on Sunday.

Tourism key players are aware that Cyprus has seen a remarkable growth in tourist arrivals over the years, but come winter the numbers are limited.

That’s why they are backing the ministry’s efforts to attract those visitors who want to explore Cyprus’ long history and rich culture.

This, after all, spans 10.000 years making it one of the oldest civilizations in the Mediterranean.

Undoubtedly, alternative tourism does not attract millions but it enriches the tourism product by putting a stamp of quality on it, insiders said.

Attracting a special category of tourists who appreciate the values, historical and cultural heritage of the people and the place they visit will lay the foundation for tourism all year round, they added.


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