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Revamp for Nicosia’s Kyriakou Matsi avenue

The Environment Service has given the green light to a revamp of Nicosia’s Kyriakou Matsi avenue — a central tree-lined artery that runs behind the Foreign Ministry to the Presidential Palace roundabout.

The 3 m euro project covers an 850 metre stretch of the road from Chios road to the roundabout and provides for the construction of pavements for the safety of pedestrians and the disabled, construction of three pedestrian crossings,  17 parking spaces, a fountain, drinking water and a covered area with seating, among other.

Also part of the project are measures to lower the speed limit, discourage the use of private vehicles and encourage public transportation. LED street lighting, WiFi and smart parking are also planned.

Phileleftheros reports that  the plan envisions a regular bus route with two bus stops.

It added that the project aims to retain the special environmental characteristics of the road, increase sheltered areas, reduce emissions and develop local flora with the planting of new plants.

It said that of the 63 large trees along the avenue, eight will be cut while another 45 of the 105 other trees also face the chop. But the plan provides for new green areas of a total space of 1000 square metres and the planting of 80 new trees, bringing the total to 200, as well as a number of shrubs.

Also situated on the avenue is the old British cemetery, the old colonial buildings of the Foreign Ministry, the Junior School and a number of private houses of special architectural interest.

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