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Retro shots of the capital from ‘Yesteryears of Nicosia’ (photos)

The Facebook group Yesteryears of Nicosia is a treasure trove for old photos of the capital spanning from the late 19th century until the 70’s.

The group administrators invite members to share photos of buildings, urban and rural landscapes, persons, family moments, important happenings, events, advertisements, or articles.

Enjoy some of our favourites below.

Snow in Metaxas Square, currently Eleftheria Square, Undated.

Road to Kyrenia Gate, 1960’s.

Nicosia 1959 (c) Hoffman

Old Town Hall Square, 1970

Bedelian Orchestra, Nicosia 1924

Top row left to right: Vahan Bedelian maestro and violinist,3rd one Harvey Josephin , 2,4,5,6 unknown.

Bottom row left to right:M.Manoukian, B.Djelalian, Z.Maxoutian, young boy is unknown. 

A class of “Ayasofya” Elementary School with pupils and teachers in Nicosia (1916-1917 school year)

Peristerona village, 1956

Ayia Sofia neighbourhood, 1937

Turkish-Cypriot farmers in Gόnyelli village, 1964

“Gynaikobazaro” (women’s market), 1905

Visit of the British High Commissioner to the Nicosia Girls School, 1890

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