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Request against retaining of 600,000 rapid tests rejected

The Supreme Court rejected a request by a company aiming to cancel an order for the detention of 600,000 rapid antigen test, referring the company to other legal means.

Specifically the company requested a certiorari and or prohibition warrant against the order issued by the Nicosia District Court following a unilateral request by the Chief of Police to retain 600,000 rapid antigen tests, confiscated on the basis of a court warrant.

According to what the company’s CEO said, after Mefal signed an agreement with the government, it purchased 600,000 rapid tests from a Chinese supplier, paying for them in advance. However, when it attempted to deliver them to a service of the Ministry they were rejected because they did not comply with the specifications of the agreement signed with the government. The Company claims the Chinese supplier did not deliver the tests agreed but tests manufactured by another company, which are not according to EU specifications.

So, the Police confiscated the rapid tests which are now stored in one of its storerooms.

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