NewsLocalRepublic of Cyprus turned into 'Greek Cypriot state', Tatar claims

Republic of Cyprus turned into ‘Greek Cypriot state’, Tatar claims


Changing the celebration of Cyprus Independence from August 16th to October 1st is yet another indication that the Republic of Cyprus has turned into a ‘Greek Cypriot state’, said Turkish-Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar, on the 61st anniversary of the Republics’ establishment.

Tatar further claimed that Turkish-Cypriots were thrown out of the Republic by force and the constitution was changed by the Greek-Cypriots.

The Turkish-Cypriot leader cited the attendance of the Greek national defence minister at the military parade and the presentation of military hardware as an action aimed at the Turkish-Cypriots and motherland Turkey.

‘The Greek-Cypriots are aggressive and aim to scupper a possible deal’, Tatar claimed.

He disclosed that during the trilateral meeting with the UN Secretary General in New York, he reiterated his proposal for a two separate sovereign states solution and once again referred to the ‘realities’ on the island.

‘We won’t take a step back from this goal’, Tatar concluded.

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