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Repeat positive cases ‘released’ three weeks from first diagnosis

The Health Ministry issued instructions on Friday on the release / ending of isolation for patients who tested positive to Covid-19 but are not treated in hospitals.

“The instructions have been approved by the advisory committee of experts and are based on the existing international bibliography and the Cypriot data so far. It is emphasised that as the pandemic progresses and scientific knowledge is enriched, these guidelines may be amended,” the Ministry said.

The current criteria for releasing / ending the quarantine for a person with Covid-19 outside of hospital are:

  1. PCR test samples come out negative
  • Two consecutive negative tests are required 24 hours apart from one another, both for symptomatic and asymptomatic cases, performed 14 days after the initial lab confirmation of the infection.
  • For symptomatic cases, at least 3 days without a fever (without the use of antipyretics) need to have preceded and respiratory symptoms must have subsided prior to taking a sample for the first repeat test.

2. If the repeat sample tests positive (after at least 14 days have passed from the initial positive exam) the person remains in isolation for one more week and the isolation ends when that time frame expires (three weeks from the initial diagnosis) without the requirement for further PCR respiratory samples. A repeat check after the end of the aforementioned period can be done on a voluntary basis.

If No 1 or 2 applies then the person can go back to work while adhering to personal protective measures, hand hygiene and social distancing, and as regards the use of a face mask there apply the guidelines in place for the general population and workers as per the relevant decrees.

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