NewsLocalRe-introduction of Covid Safepass measure in Cyprus ruled out

Re-introduction of Covid Safepass measure in Cyprus ruled out

Five days after Cyprus brought back face masks indoors just one month after dropping the coronavirus rule insiders have ruled out the re-introduction of the Safepass measure.

This is what Philenews reported on Wednesday citing Constantinos Tsioutis – head of the government’s advisory health committee on Covid-19.

Bringing back the SafePass rule doesn’t make any sense – for many reasons, he said.

“The spread of the virus is too high, we are free to be with as many people as we want and where we want so controlling specific spaces is meaningless,” he added.

“What is essential is being more conscientious in our everyday life rather than applying mandatory and restrictive practices,” he added.

Cyprus opened up its borders and removed all entry restrictions in April, when tourists flocked back to the holiday island for their Easter holidays.

It removed the requirement for masks on June 1 – the last restriction in place from the pandemic.

But the measure has been reintroduced after a surge in Covid infections. For the week ending July 1, Cyprus reported a total of 10,879 new cases.

A spike in hospital admissions and people not taking necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus were among the factors that contributed to last Friday’s decision.

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