NewsLocalRape will now carry life imprisonment

Rape will now carry life imprisonment


A proposal goes to the parliament plenum next month, raising the sentence for rape to life imprisonment.

MPs will vote on the relevant bill next Friday October 9 and will take immediate effect, with the House Legal Affairs Committee optimistic it will secure the majority needed.

According to the terms of the bill, rape will carry life imprisonment.

Rape is legally defined as sexual abuse through any kind of penetration and forcing someone into a sexual act by penetration.

Forcing someone to have sexual contact or engage in other sexual acts, will carry a maximum sentence of ten years, without differentiating between men and women.

AKEL MP Aristos Damianou said he was pleased that the proposal on modernising the definition of rape secured complete acceptance and will now be covering all possible incidents.

Meanwhile, the definition of child pornography was changed to material of sexual abuse and exploitation of children in accordance to European Parliament, the Council of Europe and Interpol recommendations.


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