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Questions about death of 42-year-old

The Police and the State Health Services Organization are carrying out separate investigations, following the complaint of a woman whose 42-year-old man died at Larnaca General Hospital.

The man had had surgery at a private hospital of Nicosia. However, he was in pain and called the private hospital where he was told to go to his personal doctor to get referral for a cardiologist. There was no reply from the personal doctor so the man went to the Accident and Emergency Department of the Larnaca General Hospital on Monday. There he had to wait for a surgeon to examine him. This was done and the man was initially feeling better. However the next day, a Tuesday, he was found intubated in the ICU where there were no specialized doctors to see the hemorrhage that had appeared. Also due to his condition he could not be transferred to Nicosia.

The man finally died on Tuesday night on the operating table.

His wife said that even though he kept complaining about pains in the abdomen the medical and nursing staff at the Larnaca General Hospital did not pay the appropriate attention.


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