NewsLocalPublic exposure detrimental to sexual abuse victims, says Children's Rights Commissioner

Public exposure detrimental to sexual abuse victims, says Children’s Rights Commissioner

The less public exposure, the better for sexual abuse victims, Children’s Rights Commissioner Leda Koursoumba told ACTIVE radio on Monday.

Koursoumba was invited to comment on a suspected case of sexual abuse of a primary school pupil by other school mates.

She said that although the public and more specifically, parents, should be aware of dangers to their children, public exposure of abuse cases could harm the victims.

Speaking of the boy who has reportedly been sexually abused, Koursoumba said that he is being monitored by the “Children’s Home” unit that offers support to children who are victims of  abuse and bullying.

“From the moment we were informed, we got the impression that authorities are correctly handling the child who dared to speak out,” she said.

Koursoumba added that it is a very sensitive case, as the alleged perpetrators are also minors.

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