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Public beach rules: Maximum prices and no reservations

With the beach season well and truly with us, many local and foreign tourists face the same problem:  beach beds and umbrellas rates.

According to the law on the protection of the beaches, each local Authority (municipality or community) is responsible for its beaches (beach bed rates, facilities’ price, cleaning of the beach etc).

It is to be noted that the maximum charge for each hired beach bed or umbrella is €2.50 and the public is urged to ask for a receipt in order to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

Prices may differ in private areas such as hotels, where the rate is set by hotel owners.

Moreover, under the law local authorities must ensure that 50% of the beach is free of hired out beach beds and umbrellas to ensure there is adequate space for free use by the public. Where umbrellas and beach beds are available for hire, the law says there must be 16 square metres of space for two beach beds and one umbrella.

Reserving beach beds and umbrellas on a public beach is not allowed and the public should inform competent authorities of such incidents.


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