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Pseudo-doctors take advantage of human pain

The Police are on the trail of a new group, the members of which come from Bulgaria and pretend to be doctors, taking money from unsuspecting citizens.

A 32-year-old woman has already been arrested and a man is wanted. A similar case took place in Paphos and again another two people have been arrested.

The case in Nicosia was revealed when a 66-year-old woman told the Police that she received a call from an unidentified man who said he was a doctor at the Nicosia General Hospital,  that her daughter had injured her leg and had to be operated. He also said he needed 96,000 euros cash for the operation. The 66-year-old and her husband gathered a large sum of money and following the telephone instruction went to a specific point where a woman received the money supposedly on behalf of the doctor.

Later the couple managed to talk with their daughter and realized that they had been the victims of a scam, so they notified the Police.

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