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Professor of Microbiology says no new measures examined

Scientists and Minister of Health Michalis Hadzipantelas reviewed on Wednesday the epidemiological situation on the island but did not discuss taking further measures, according to member of the advisory scientific committee, Professor of Microbiology/Molecular Virology at the University of Nicosia Medical School Petros Karayiannis.

He told CNA that the Scientific Advisory Committee discussed the vaccination programme and the situation at hospitals.
The meeting came after Cyprus registered for the second day more than a thousand new cases of COVID-19.

No additional measures were examined but participants evaluated the course of the pandemic in the next days, said Dr. Karayiannis.
Answering questions, Karayiannis said there might be suggestions to hold rapid tests in some areas, such as restaurants, to allow the measures announced last week time to work.

He also said that vaccinations are around 80-85% effective and can prevent infection while a 10-15% will have mild to no symptoms if it is exposed to the virus and will not need hospitalisation.

He underlined that it is only a small percentage of vaccinated persons who will become infected and studies indicate that they have milder symptoms. Therefore, said Dr. Karayiannis, they might or might not transmit the virus and for this reason we advise vaccinated and non-vaccinated people to wear a mask, at least now that the numbers are high on the island.

Parents, he added, must also advise their children to maintain personal protective measures and limit group gatherings.

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