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Product recall because of possible Listeria contamination

Alphamega Hypermarkets have announced the recall of products that may be contaminated with Listeria bacteria as a precautionary measure. Consumers who have purchased any of the products are urged to return them to any of its stores where they will receive a credit note.

In an announcement, Alphamega said it had been notified by Tesco UK for the recall of the below products:

-Τesco Sweetcorn 1 kg (barcode: 5051898302276)
-Tesco Farmhouse mixed vegetables 1 kg (barcode: 5053526376550)

-Tesco Mixed vegetables 1 kg (barcode: 5051898302887)

-Tesco Micro Veg 640 g (barcode: 5052109885397)

All the above products are being recalled as a precautionary measure for the health and safety of  customers.  All expiry dates are being recalled, it said

“As we have been informed, there is a high likelihood these products may have been contaminated with the Listeria bacteria. Symptoms caused by Listeriosis are similar to those of  gastrointestinal diseases or flu. For vulnerable population groups such as young children, pregnant  women, the elderly and people with weak immune system, the complications may be more serious,” it said.

“If you have purchased any of the above products, please do not consume, and return it to any of our stores as soon as possible to issue a credit note for your purchase,” it added.


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