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Privileges of deputies’ pensions and Europe

At a time when the pre-election period has begun and parties are announcing their candidates, it would be interesting to see what are the pensions that deputies receive, and how these compare to what their counterparts in Europe get.

Deputies as well as Ministers are the only officials who receive state pension from the age of 60, provided they are not deputies or have no other capacity in the Republic of Cyprus.

At the end of their term, deputies receive a one-off lump sum/gratuity which is tax-free, contrary to what is valid for other employees of the public sector.

According to the Law on Pensions, the pension and lump sum of a deputy who has served one term, meaning 60 months, is 1,352 and 75,729 respectively, while for a deputy who has served two terms, is 3,306 and the lump sum 185,115.

It is noted that allowance for secretaries is considered a pensionable allowance and so is the representation allowance, so deputies who have served two terms get +513 euros monthly and +28,704 lump sum for the use of secretaries and +973 monthly and +54,481 lump sum for representation allowances.

In Romania, there are no provisions for the transfer of pension in the case of death of a civil servant/pensioner and so is the case in Croatia, Portugal and Slovenia where the provisions of the country’s general pension system are in place.

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