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Private primary schools urged to show understanding over fees

The Education Ministry on Tuesday urged private kindergartens and primary schools to show understanding wherever possible as regards fees.

In guidelines regarding the education of children at private kindergartens and primary schools during the coronavirus pandemic, the ministry said:

  • During this difficult period because of the measures introduced to deal with the pandemic the first concern is implementation of the measures and mitigation to the extent possible of the consequences
  • We call on everyone to show particular sensitivity as regards children of any age, particularly during the time that their attendance at school has been suspended as a result of the measures as has their participation in various other free time activities
  • Based on the above, you are urged to ensure, within the framework of your abilities, communication between the school and family with the aim of continuing the pedagogical support of the children until the end of the measures taken
  • In parallel, as regards the payment of fees, during the period when attendance of the pupils is suspended, you are requested, taking into consideration the difficult conditions, as well as the financial situation of your school, to show understanding and to provide those facilities that are feasible to parents, in the interest of what is best for the children


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