NewsLocalPrivate hospitals carrying out non-urgent operations won't by compensated-HIO

Private hospitals carrying out non-urgent operations won’t by compensated-HIO

The Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) has made clear that private hospitals violating decrees in effect by carrying out operations which are not urgent won’t be compensated, Philenews reported on Wednesday.

At the same time, the HIO will call on all private hospitals that have joined the General Health Plan (Gesy) to cooperate with one another.  Because of the vast needs that have risen as a result of the increased number in coronavirus patients currently admitted at public hospitals.

The Organisation is also planning to staff private hospitals with additional general practitioners under whose care will come non-Covid patients currently in the hands of doctors in overcrowded departments of public hospitals.

This intervention by the HIO aims to end the public controversy over the past 24 hours between public and private sector hospitals. As well as to stop an apparent  lack of communication between private hospitals.


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