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Priest who disobeyed “Thou shalt not commit adultery” before the Synod

A priest who apparently was not faithful to either Christ or his wife, since he allegedly maintained a “close relationship with a married woman”, may not be condemned by the Holy Synod. This might occur if the Metropolitan of Pafos, Georgios, who “apprehended” him indulging in “extracurricular activities”, does not insist on his conviction.

The said priest seems to be backed up by a member of the Holy Synod, who covers for the “hot blooded” clergyman, so that it takes longer for the case to go to trial before the Synod.

Although maintaining a non-marital relationship is not considered as a crime for ordinary people, for priests it is a matter of ethics, with a very strong possibility for a priest to hear the phrase “hell is round the corner” and be sent home.

The complaint alleging that the clergyman disobeyed the 6th commandment (thou shalt not commit adultery”), was made by the woman’s partner, who approached the Metropolitan of Pafos, Georgios, who then went to the alleged place of meeting of the priest and his mistress, where the vehicle of the (according to the scripture) refractory priest was located.  The priest, who was informed on the matter, left the love nest and, as leaked, all relating indications, appearances and reactions, showed that the upheaval was the result of mischievous acts committed by the priest. The case has been brought before the Holy Synod since some time but is still pending.

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