InsiderEconomyPrices of products and services reduced end of October

Prices of products and services reduced end of October

According to data released by the Statistical Service, despite increases in some products and services, there have also been reductions to a small number of products and services in October 2022 compared to September.

These products are telephony and fax services -2.06%, electrical appliances for personal care -2.41%, equipment to record sound and image -2.83%, mobile telephony -3%, watches -4.77%, toasters, and grills -5.02%, fruit -5.68%, fresh fruit -8.88%.

Also, butter -2.13%, fruit -1.58%, Potatoes -0.77%, tea -0.67%, fresh fruit -2.53%, other sustainable oils -2.82%, rice -3.37%, pasta -3.72%, other types of fresh seafood -6.44%, other dairy products -1.68%, wine -0.39%, frozen vegetables -0.87%.

Reduction in prices were also recorded in petrol -2.61%, electricity -4.22%, equipment to record and reproduce sound -5.15%, non-electric appliances -3.11%, accommodation services -7.52%, hotels, motels, inns  -7.52%, parking places -1.62%, washing machines, and dryers, dishwashers -1.82%, ironing apparatus -2.18%, food-processing devices -2.23%, refrigerators, freezers, and fridge-freezers -2.05%.

The prices of some products and services have remained the same in October compared to September. These include the prices of meat, tobacco, cleaning, repairing, services of an electrician, maintaining heating equipment, painting, sewage, charges of maintenance in buildings, lighting equipment, other furniture, cutlery, towels, and bath linen, landline and mobile telephony, the packages of telecommunication services, organized vacations, books, newspapers, insurance premiums, bank and post charges, among others.

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