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Price ceiling on masks, antiseptics being reassessed

Authorities are reassessing the price ceiling on protective masks and antiseptics amid a more general shortage locally and abroad.

Antonis Ioannou deputy director of the Consumer Protection Service of the Commerce Ministry told CNA  there were shortages on the market for a specific antiseptic which he did not name and protective masks.

Inspectors have been checking prices and there have been isolated cases of violations.

But he said one of the reasons for the shortage was the maximum price set by the decree. Wholesale prices are changing daily because of the increased international demand and importers who must pay more, do not not go ahead with a purchase so as not to have a problem with the price ceiling, he said.

The ministry was reassessing the price ceiling based on the information from the market.

The decree setting a maximum wholesale and retail price for antiseptics, masks and thermometers came into effect on March 18.


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