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Press conference on the next steps of the vaccination plan

During a press conference held today, on the issue of vaccination, the Acting Director of Medical and Public Health Services, Dr Olga Kalakouta, presented the next steps of the National Vaccination Plan.

She reported that up until yesterday 202,441 vaccinations were carried out, of which 145,357 concerned the administration of the 1st dose and 52.084 concerned the administration of both doses. The 1st dose has also been administered to 10.934 individuals from the vulnerable groups and to 745 bedridden individuals. At the same time, vaccinations have begun in closed structures, such as the Prisons Department and the immigration accommodation centres.

Referring to the next steps of the vaccination plan, Dr Kalakouta noted that on Sunday, April 18th, people aged 64-67 will again have priority to arrange appointments, while on Monday, April 19, the Vaccination Portal will be made available for people aged 51-52, on Wednesday, April 21, for people aged 49-50 and on Friday, April 23, for people aged 47-48. Gradually, she added, the goal is to allow, once again, older ages to plan their vaccination. “We will follow the same pattern until the holy week, aiming to cover people over the age of 40 and then move on to the 30-39 age group”, Dr Kalakouta pointed out.

She also noted that Cyprus expects to receive 500.340 doses of the Pfizer vaccine by the end of June, 2,400 doses of the Janssen vaccine by the end of April, 6.000-8.400 doses of the Moderna vaccine and 75,050 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine by the of 1st May.

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