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President says he will not hesitate to take decisions for peace and stability

President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades said on Friday that he will not hesitate to take decisions that will bring about peace and stability in Cyprus and which will “preserve Cypriot Hellenism and will allow us to continue our course within Europe.”

He was addressing an event in Nicosia, commemorating the first President of the Republic of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios III. As the President of the Republic I am fully aware of my historic duty, which is defined first and foremost by the responsibility to free our country from the unacceptable situation it is currently under, while respecting human rights, he said.

“I will not hesitate to take decisions in order to bring about peace and stability and in particular such decisions that will preserve Cypriot Hellenism and will allow us to continue our course within Europe. This I believe will be the best commemoration for Archbishop Makarios” he noted.

President Anastasiades also said that everyone should work in order for peace to prevail, creating thus a prosperous country that respects all citizens, regardless of their religion or ethnicity. He referred to repeated efforts through bold decisions to create a truly sovereign and independent country, free from anachronistic guarantees, intervention rights and occupation troops.

“No one can ignore that there are two-speed countries in Europe, two kinds of human rights, those of the rest of the Europeans and those Cypriot people are lacking” he noted.

The President further referred to the effort to reach a settlement in Crans Montana, noting that it was perhaps one of the most important efforts made. “We continue with our efforts. We try in every way to create the conditions that will allow us to proceed to a Cyprus settlement,” the President underlined.

He continued, by saying that no one is comfortable watching the continuation of Turkey’s occupation or the Turkification of the occupied part of Cyprus. “Everyone has a duty to take up responsibility, in order for the free part [of the island], which hosts Greek Cypriots, the state of the Republic of Cyprus not to risk becoming or turning into a community” the President noted.

Referring finally to the late Archbishop Makarios, he said that the man identified himself with the creation of the country that was admitted later, in 2004, in the European Union as an equal member.

The same event was also addressed by Archbishop Chrysostomos II of Cyprus, who referred to the goals of Archbishop Makarios, while noting that today’s Church continues his vision.

(Cyprus News Agency)

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