InsiderBusinessPresident pledges to restore overtime payment for public workers

President pledges to restore overtime payment for public workers

President Christodoulides on Tuesday pledged to restore night shift allowances and compensation for overtime work of public servants by 2025.

In a speech during the public servants union (Pasydy) conference, the President said that this pre-election commitment will be implemented gradually, starting in 2024, following constructive discussions between Pasydy leadership and the Ministry of Finance.

“As we took over the governance of the country, we set as one of our most important goals the implementation of reform and evolution of the public service into a more flexible, efficient, and effective mechanism,” the President said. “A mechanism that will modernise the functioning of public administration, utilise modern technology, evaluate and reward employees based on objective and measurable criteria.”

The reforms, he noted, include the introduction of a new performance evaluation system for public servants, with differentiated evaluation scales for employees below the A13 salary scale, which will be considered both for promotion purposes and individual development.

Furthermore, the reforms will allow for interdepartmental promotions within the public service, aiming to enhance employee mobility, as the President noted.

At the same time, a new candidate selection framework will be implemented by the public service commission (Edy) for filling directorial and managerial positions.

“This will be achieved through the establishment of assessment and examination centres in the public sector, a practice successfully followed by major international organisations in the private sector, so that the best candidates are recruited and promoted,” Christodoulides added.

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