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President of the House: Not possible to reach a solution without the withdrawal of Turkish troops

The House of Representatives President, Demetris Syllouris, said on Sunday that there cannot be a solution of the Cyprus problem without the withdrawal of Turkish troops from the territory of Cyprus.

‘It is indeed very sad to see each and every one of our efforts reaching a deadlock because Turkey goes into the negotiation with an unrelenting and intransigent position, challenging even more the feeling of injustice experienced by the people of Cyprus for 44 years now’, Syllouris said speaking at a memorial service, at the village of Kannavia.
He noted that it is difficult to reach a solution given the fact that Turkey directs the movements and the decisions of the Turkish Cypriot side.
The European principles and values, the acquis communautaire and the values of democracy should be the basis for the solution of the Cyprus problem, Syllouris stressed.
He underlined that consolidating the institutions of the state and upgrading its structures would create the conditions to strengthen Cyprus’ diplomatic power and foreign policy.

‘Power emerges from and begins at the foundations and inside a state’, he said.

Source: CNA

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