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President, ministers end voluntary cut to salaries

President Nicos Anastasiades and his ministers have ended a voluntary cut on their monthly salaries introduced in the wake of the 2013 crisis, the media reported on Monday.

It said that salaries were restored as from the swearing in of the new cabinet in March.

Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides, who receives a monthly salary of some €8,500 and a net of  €4,600 confirmed the reports. He told Sigma TV that he was among those to propose the change.

“When you are in a position of responsibility, your remuneration should be such that it does not make you want to leave,” he said. “Ministers’ salaries must correspond to their responsibilities, unless we want only the very rich to be involved with politics,” he added.

He said that Cypriot cabinet ministers were among the lowest paid in Europe. He added that the Finance Ministry was reviewing pay in the public sector so as to correspond to the private sector.

Termination of the voluntary cuts means an additional  €1,215 for President Anastasiades and an additional €462 for ministers, Politis said.


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