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President Anastasiades: Voting is a right that becomes a duty

The President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades, accompanied by his wife Andri Anastasiades and members of their family, voted at Lanitio Lyceum in Limassol.

Speaking to reporters afterwards, the President noted that “it is said that today is a celebration of democracy. I will not disagree at all, but if we want to turn it into a real celebration of democracy no one should be indifferent, no one should abstain from this right that the Constitution has given them so that the will of the people and not only the will of those who participate operates to the strongest possible extent.

I would like to believe that everything will go smoothly and in the evening, of course, we will have the first results of the will of the people.”

Asked about his feelings, given the end of his ten-year tenure as the country’s leader, the President of the Republic said “They are mixed. On the one hand, I feel satisfied because, after 43 years, I believe that I have managed to contribute to the political life of the country, even if only minimally, and on the other hand, feelings that usually possess someone who, by keeping commitments, by bringing about constitutional amendments, ends his ten-year presence in the Presidency and 43 years of active involvement in politics, now in an advisory role. I think the time has come to enjoy all those you see around me (meaning his family members).”

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