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President Anastasiades urges citizens to get vaccinated, incentives are being examined

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades has said the state will not proceed with new measures that will deprive people of their freedom, adding however that everyone must understand that vaccination is a national duty, and it is necessary for everyone to get vaccinated.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting on Monday afternoon with the scientific advisory committee in light of the increasing cases of COVID-19, he said that “young people should understand they are not immune and that being unvaccinated is not something to be proud of. Getting the vaccination is so to protect themselves.”

Invited to comment on the increase in the number of cases and what will be decided as a next step, he said yesterday’s meeting with the scientists was not for decision making. Decisions, he added, “will be taken after a ministerial committee examines incentives and counter-incentives that must be provided”.

“It is clear that there is an outbreak and the danger is coming from the virus variant, the Delta variant”, the President remarked. “It is unacceptable for 70% of those under the age of 40 to be unvaccinated. It is equally unacceptable that nine out of ten people who are admitted to hospitals have not been vaccinated.”

He appealed to all professionals from the food and beverage industry, the hotel industry and nursing staff saying “everyone should realise their responsibilities towards their compatriots”.

The President said the state is not willing to put in effect new measures that will deprive people of their freedom “because the people have undergone many sacrifices and others financial sacrifices too.”

President Anastasiades cautioned that “if we want to protect our health and the economy, we must all understand that it is a national duty to be vaccinated and be informed.”

Asked if those vaccinated will wear a special bracelet, the President said “we will consider this”.

Replying to a question if it is an issue of intensifying police checks, the President noted that “everything will be taken into consideration and implemented.”


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