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“Prescription” against the State from the Pharmaceutical Services

The “prescription” given to the Pharmaceutical Services regarding the rental of a building to house the Headquarters of the Pharmaceutical Services in the “Satellite” block of flats at Larnaca avenue in Aglantzia, although no longer valid it includes from possible false dates to unjustified rent increases or even  the unnecessary leasing of a floor.

All the above results from a report of the Auditor General submitted to the Parliament’s Committee on Public Expenditure Control as revealed by the website Thema Online on Monday.

The Auditor General points out that the whole procedure did not ensure the public interest, while other owners of buildings were not asked to bid in order to ascertain whether there was a lower offer.

Reference is also made to the purchase of a shop by the then Director of Pharmaceutical Services (at the same time he was also negotiating on behalf of the state the leasing of floors) in the same building from the same owner. Mr Louis Panayi, who is being referred to, claimed, through his lawyer, that he did not receive any privileged treatment, but instead purchased the shop at a price higher than that applicable at the time.

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