NewsLocalPournara emergency centre for migrants severely overcrowded

Pournara emergency centre for migrants severely overcrowded

Pournara emergency reception centre for illegal migrants and refugees in Kokkinotrimithia camp is severely overcrowded due to unprecedented needs in covid-19 quarantine areas, Philenews reported on Tuesday.

The influx of migrants and refugees coming over from the occupied part of the island and moved to the emergency reception centre is creating added needs and calls for an intensification of measures in the divided island’s buffer zone.

Maria Chrysomila of the Asylum Service told Philenews that people in quarantine currently outnumber those living in the main area of the Centre, creating an immediate need for new space.

This is to host those who will pass through in the coming days until their coronavirus test results come out.

According to Chrysomila, some spaces have already been found and either prefabricated houses or tents will be placed there. And the staff working at the Centre will also get tested for Covid-19.

At the moment, there are six quarantine areas at the Centre where the people are put up for 14 days – the mandatory period.

Those who test positive to the virus are transferred to the EDEN rehabilitation centre in Tersefanou as was recently done with 11 immigrants.

At the same time, actions are being taken for the construction of a new detention centre for illegal migrants in the area of Menogeia – expected to be in operation in autumn.


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