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Potato and tomato prices skyrocket

The price observatory of the Consumer Protection Service recorded a big increase in the prices of potatoes and tomatoes, according to data released on Friday.

Specifically, the price of tomatoes increased to €3.28 per kilo from €2.24 (46.4%) on 12/10/2022. Similarly, the price of potatoes increased to €1.45 kg from €1.19 (an increase of 22.4%). The price of field cucumbers increased by 10.8% to €2.72 from €2.46 when the price of greenhouse cucumbers was reduced by 15.8% to €1.59.

The price of sugar has also increased by 12.6% to €1.37 while the price of a specific brand of halloumi PDO cheese increased by 9.8%.

The prices of dairy products and charcuterie remained more or less the same.

The observatory recorded a big fluctuation in the prices of pulses. Specifically, the price of a specific brand of lentils has decreased by 16.8%, while the price of chickpeas increased by 4.1%.

Prices of seafood have recorded a decrease. Specifically, a red mullet is €20.54 per kilo from €23.07 (a reduction of 11%) and the price of seabream was reduced by 10.8% with the average price being €8.73 per kilo.

Compared to September 2021 which the Consumer Protection Service takes as a reference month, the biggest increase in November 2022 is seen in vegetables the prices of which increased by 65.56%. Then there is oil with a 35.78% increase and cheese with a 27.30% increase.

All information is available on the service’s website at:

Current average prices (per kg):

  • The average price of tomatoes is €3.28
  • The average price of greenhouse cucumbers is €1.59
  • The average price of field cucumbers is €2.72
  • The average price of a pork chop is €5.20
  • The average price of a chicken breast fillet is €7.99
  • The average price of big white bread is €1.68
  • Gas cylinders are €15.60 per piece

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