NewsLocalPossible Turkish provocations near Cyprus' gas exploration plot 6 not ruled out

Possible Turkish provocations near Cyprus’ gas exploration plot 6 not ruled out

Nicosia is not ruling out possible provocations by Turkey near natural gas exploration plot 6 within Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone in the near future, Philenews reported on Tuesday.

This is what President Nicos Anastasiades told National Council members who met on Monday, adding that Turkey is likely to send a fourth survey-conducting vessel in the Mediterranean island’s EEZ, in full violation of international law.

Turkey continues to carry its Eastern Mediterranean provocative operations on sea into the summer, leading to an escalating war of words with both Cyprus and Greece.

Nicosia is certain that the target of the Turkish actions this time will be block 6. However, Turkey’s actions are carried out in such a way that problems do not arise with the countries whose companies are active in Cyprus’ EEZ.

“They did not harass ExxonMobil and this should not be considered as coincidental,” the President has said.

France’s Total and Italy’s ENI – the companies with the concession on offshore block 6 of Cyprus’ EEZ –  are currently carrying out exploratory drilling for natural gas.

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