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Possible changes to GESY casus belli for parties

Even though the government is near an agreement with EDEK party and the Citizens’ Alliance for the approval of the new state budget for 2021, according to information, parties which had already given their positive vote to the budget are now having second thoughts due to the demands of EDEK on GESY (National Health System).

Specifically, EDEK is asking for changes regarding the way the institution of the Personal Doctor operates. It proposed that personal doctors are paid according to the patients they receive and not according to the patients registered on their list (up to 2,500). EDEK also requested that doctors who operate outside GESY be given the right to write prescriptions for medicines that their patients will be entitled to get from GESY.

The Solidarity, Cooperation of Democratic Forces and ELAM disagree with these suggestions and warned that if the government makes any discounts they will change their position regarding the state budget.

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