NewsLocalPork and beef exports jeopardized because of Vet Service's limited working hours

Pork and beef exports jeopardized because of Vet Service’s limited working hours

The Veterinary Services’ refusal to serve the needs of slaughterhouses beyond the designated public service working hours is a problem that if not resolved on Monday then exports of pork and beef will be jeopardized.

This is what Philenews reports adding the problem was exacerbated after a request by the island’s slaughterhouses for the Service to carry out mandatory inspections before the cull beyond 15.00 Monday to Friday this week has been rejected. The Vet Services working hours are from 7:30 to 3pm.

This problem which arises every year at this time of the year because of the “incorrect handling” by the Veterinary Services is expected to finally be solved after February 8.

This is when private veterinarians will be hired to inspect slaughterhouses at the time which is beyond the public service hours of operation as well as during the time of big religious holidays.

Cattle breeders and pig farmers have asked the Ministry of Agriculture to find immediate solutions, otherwise exports will have to be cancelled.

That is, two consignments with cattle and three with pork with the estimated loss and compensation expenses being huge.

In addition to the exports problem another one to come – considering it is the last week of January – is that of increasing demand for meat in the local market. One that cannot be met, either.


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