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Poll shows 35% of people in occupied areas would have liked to emigrate

According to the results of an opinion poll conducted by the centre on Migrants, Identity, and Human Rights (SMIRS), 35% of the people in the occupied areas stated they are concerned about their future and would have liked to emigrate for a better life if they have had the opportunity.

PIO reported that the T/C Press noted today that the poll was conducted in September 2022, in non-government-controlled areas, with a sample of 500 people.

Among others, the findings indicated that the participants feel disappointment and pessimism about their future due to financial difficulties.

Only 20% of those asked replied that they are optimistic about the future and a mere 7% stated that their financial situation is good. Furthermore, eight in 10 believe that their financial situation will get worse in the coming two years, while nine in 10 believe that the financial situation will get even worse in the occupied areas.

The participants recorded as most important problems the following, in order of importance: Financial problems, the Cyprus problem, inflation, incompetent political leaders, unemployment, and low salaries.

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