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Police: ‘Keep an eye on children at beach and pools’

Police called on parents on Monday to take all necessary measures to protect their children from drowning at pools and at the beach.

In an announcement, police advised the following:

  • Never leave your children without supervision in or near the water
  • Do not assume that arm floaties or other inflatable flotation equipment are substitutes for your obligation to supervise your children
  • In the case of small children, close and constant supervision is imperative and an adult should always accompany them when they enter the water
  • Teach your children that they should never swim alone
  • Play with your children in shallow waters so that they become familiar with the water
  • If your child is afraid to get in the water, DO NOT FORCE THEM

“It takes very little time for an unwanted incident to happen,” the police announcement concluded, adding that the Port and Marine Police are ready to provide assistance to anyone who needs it.

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