NewsLocalPolice unit receives 7 million euros from outstanding fines

Police unit receives 7 million euros from outstanding fines

The special Police units have received 7 million euros in seven months from outstanding fines while 1,039 imprisonment warrants have been executed for people who did not pay.

The new measures implemented after a meeting at the Justice Ministry last October are bearing fruit, since now the Police groups aim at warrants that have not been received while they take into consideration the financial situation of the persons before proceeding with the last measure of imprisonment.

Furthermore, there is cooperation with the Deputy Ministry of Innovation so that the whole system of warrants will be online and from the moment a warrant is issued by a Court, the Police will be informed.

According to data, since 25/10/2021 when the new measures have been implemented and until 5 July 2022, 45,283 warrants have been executed.

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