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Police to send another two sexual abuse cases to Law Office for review

Another two cases of sexual abuse or indecent assault that are under police investigation will soon be sent to the Republic’s Law Office for a review, Philenews reported on Wednesday.

It concerns complaints by two women against a former bishop while two other cases come from the world of arts and the theatre.

Police believe investigations will be rounded up by the end of this week or the beginning of the next one.

And that the relevant files will be sent to the Law Office for a review and further instructions.

The former high ranking priest has dismissed all allegations and gave his version of events which is totally different from that of the two women, insiders said.

The complaints in the field of arts have been investigated in depth and the file will be sent to the Law Office with all indications being that the case will go before court.

For two other cases concerning people from the theatre world, investigations continue but there is scepticism among the investigators.

Mainly because, even if there was wrongdoing, this will not be liable to any relevant article of the Penal Code.


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