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Police tips to help prevent fires

Joining a collective effort to prevent fires, police on Monday urged the public to be particularly careful as it listed a number of tips and advice.

Due care is particularly important as temperatures soar and excursionists head to the countryside, particularly the cool forests, it noted.

Among other police said:

–  Anyone wishing to light a fire in the forest for a BBQ must secure the written consent of the Forestry Department. Alternatively, the lighting of fires is permitted only in specially designated picnic areas

— Fires must be completely extinguished. Disposal of cigarettes, matches or any other item that can cause a fire is prohibited.

–  People working in the countryside should be particularly careful not to cause fires. Should such work be essential, all preventive and safety measures must be taken and there must be access to fire extinguishers or sources of water so that any  fire can be immediately tackled.

– Protection of the environment and of property is the responsibility of everyone who should also be aware that irresponsible behaviour can also  endanger human lives.

Police said there is a lot the public can do to prevent fires and provide information of negligent or malicious behaviour by contacting the Citizens Line on 1460 and the Forestry Department’s hot line on 1407 if they notice any suspicious movement or anything else.

In such cases, the public should give as much information as possible, such as description and car registration numbers, description of people in the  vehicle, exact locations and other useful information, remaining anonymous if they so wish.

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