NewsLocalPolice suggest doctor issuing forged SafePass to go to court

Police suggest doctor issuing forged SafePass to go to court

The Police file on the doctor in Larnaca who seems to have been issuing forged SafePass was transferred to the Legal Service with the suggestions that the case be led to court.

The Larnaca officers completed their investigations and sent the file to the Police Headquarters and from there to the Attorney General’s office.

According to information, the investigators suggest that the doctor be prosecuted for the two cases who while they seemed vaccinated they got sick and died. Legally the case is seen as difficult since it is based on hearsay, however, it can be accepted in a trial.

As known before dying the two persons had told either to their relatives or to the staff at the hospital that they had finally not been vaccinated.

Regarding the other cases who have been declared by the doctor as vaccinated by when they underwent specialized tests it was ascertained that they had no antibodies, it seems that there is no case since it is scientifically difficult to prove that this was due to non-vaccination.

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