NewsLocalPolice seeking two men for sexual extortion

Police seeking two men for sexual extortion

Police are searching for two individuals in connection with an ongoing investigation into a case of sexual extortion.

According to Michael Nicolaou, the head of the Paphos Cybercrime Division, two young women aged 24 and 26, filed a complaint with the police on Thursday alleging that a 24-year-old acquaintance of theirs, while browsing through one of their phones, stole a number of explicit photos and sent them to his own mobile device without their consent.

According to the complainants, the 24-year-old suspect then forwarded the pictures to a 31-year-old man.

Then, the 31-year-old threatened one of the women that he would post the pictures on social media unless she had sex with him.

Arrest warrants have been issued against the two suspects, aged 24 and 31, who are currently wanted by the authorities.

They are facing charges of conspiracy to commit a crime, illegal access to information systems, interception of private communication, and threat of trafficking.

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