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Police receiving money from 6,558 unpaid fines

In the last 38 days, the police carried out 6,558 warrants for fines and received more than one million euros.

Following a report of the Auditor General last October, according to which the Police had 284,443 warrants pending, two meetings took place and the process to receive the money changed immediately.

According to the Police, since 25 October when the new orders were given and until 3 December, 6,558 warrants were carried out and 1,136,859 euros were received.

Most warrants (2,285) were in the district of Limassol where 295,884 euros were received. Then we have Nicosia with 1,562 warrants receiving 372,674 euros.

As said, the Police will increase its efforts and will continue focusing on people who have the ability to pay but so far have been managing to escape.

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