NewsLocalPolice officers injured in disturbance at Paphos airport

Police officers injured in disturbance at Paphos airport

Two officers were injured in a disturbance at Paphos airport on Thursday night, police said on Friday.

According to Paphos police, at around 9 pm they received information about a man and a woman causing a disturbance at the airport’s parking lot.

Members of the police approached the two individuals, a 31-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman, who were allegedly drunk.

The two started shouting insults at the officers and pushing them, while the woman attempted to flee.

When she was stopped by police officers, she bit one of them on the shoulder.

The 31-year-old tried to resist arrest, police said.

The two tourists were eventually arrested and taken into custody.

The police officers were taken to Paphos General hospital to receive first aid and were then released.

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