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Police officer sent to jail for obtaining cash under unlawful means

A Limassol court on Wednesday sent a police officer straight to jail after finding him guilty of obtaining cash from individuals interested to participate in a public police vehicle auction.

The complaints, mainly from friends of the accused, were reported to the Police five years ago and the 47-year-old officer had been suspended pending trial.

He is now serving a four months imprisonment after admitting guilt to two charges concerning the criminal offence of obtaining cash under false pretences.

Specifically, between June and July 2018, the office extracted the sum of €900 from a friend and €800 from another after promising that he could broker a public auction for the sale of vehicles by the police. And that he could arrange to buy cheaper certain vehicles for them.

However, the complainants soon realised that they had been scammed and that their money had gone missing.

They also found out afterwards that at that time there was no auction by the police and that everything was a lie.

After the complaints were made to the authorities, an investigation was ordered by the Internal Audit Service of the Police. He was suspended and the case went before the Court.

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