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Police issue stern warning to drivers following three fatal accidents in 48 hours


Authorities have warned drivers with zero tolerance of traffic violations, following a spate of accidents over the weekend that saw three lives lost and four people suffering serious injuries, two of them teenage motorcyclists.

In a statement on the popular Holy Spirit holiday, police ‘once again advise all drivers to exercise the utmost caution on the road network and comply with the traffic code’.

They particularly note against offences causing most road deaths and injuries in Cyprus, such as speeding, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of substances, not wearing a protective helmet, not wearing a seatbelt and being on the phone.

‘Don’t go over the speed limit for your sake, that of your passengers and everyone on the roads, don’t overtake illegally, don’t run a red light, stay away from the mobile during driving, give pedestrians priority and respect road signs’, is the reminder to drivers, with police saying they cannot be everywhere and it’s up to individuals to show responsibility.

Patrols will be increasing early afternoon as thousands are expected back in urban centres, following the long holiday weekend or a Holy Spirit day outing.

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