NewsLocalPolice investigating two house burglaries in Tala

Police investigating two house burglaries in Tala

Burglars have made off with €12,500 in cash and jewellery from two houses in Tala, the Cyprus News Agency reported on Sunday.

It said that a German permanent resident of Cyprus had reported to police that his home was broken into between 6 pm and 11 pm on Saturday and taken €6,000 euro in cash and jewellery worth €2,500.

The burglars appear to have accessed the house from a window.

The second burglary was of a home of a British permanent resident of Cyprus and occurred between 7.45 pm and 11 pm.  Cash of €260 euro and jewellery worth €4,000 were taken with the burglars appearing to have gained access from the back, aluminum sliding door in the sitting room.


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