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Police investigating premeditated murder after two bodies found in Nicosia


Police are investigating a case of premeditated murder based on findings so far after the body of a woman and a man were found at an apartment in old Nicosia, spokesman Christos Andreou told CNA.

He said that investigations were still at their initial stage.

The two victims are a 46 year old woman from Vietnam and a 64 year old man from Romania. The woman had a wound to the neck from a sharp object, possibly a knife. The man also had injuries that appear to be from a knife.

“We are waiting for the post-mortem examinations on the bodies to see the exact reasons and conditions under which they died so as to have a direction which will help our investigations,” he said.

Evidence has been taken from the scene. Police had also found knives on site and are taking statements from neighbours, he said.

The post-mortem examinations are expected to be carried out within the day.

“All possibilities are being investigated. With the findings so far, we are investigating the offence of premeditated murder,” Andreou said.

As to the facts of the case, he said that at around 6 pm on Sunday, police were notified of screaming from the specific home, which is on Pericleous Street in old Nicosia.

A police officer on a motorbike went to the scene. Because there was no reply, he thought someone may be in danger and broke the door and gained access. In the house he found the bodies of a woman and a man.

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