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Police investigating case of fraud reported by 73-year-old woman

The Paphos Police are investigating a case of fraud reported by a 73-year-old woman.

The woman complained that while at home she received a telephone call by an unidentified man, who introduced himself as the director of a hospital. The man said that a relative of the woman had been involved in an accident and had to be operated immediately. For this reason, he requested 38,000 euros from the woman to cover medical expenses. The woman said she did not have that amount but could pay only 10,000, an amount that the unidentified man accepted. The woman withdrew the amount from the bank and went to a point where she handed over the money to a man, as instructed.

According to the Police, in the past few days, they had received complaints by another three women about similar cases but the latter were not convinced and did not pay any money.

In view of the above, the Police are asking the public to be particularly careful and to contact the nearest Police station in case of a similar incident.

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